Implemented projects


At the present day, holding entities are being assigned at the dozens sites of industrial and civil purposes, sharing their expertise, working out and encourage applying innovative solutions, carrying out qualitative work in a timely manner. Being faithful to the principles of professional development and onward movement, we welcome to joint collaboration and to a brand new projects!



Work completion time Site Class of works
2003 – till present Television tower "Ostankino" Dismantlement, installation of DB -10/0,4 kW. Transforming station (TS) installation – 10/04 kW. (two transformers «Trixal»"Trixal"-1250 kW, equipment 10/04 kW "Schneider Electric")at mark +63,4 m. Installation MDB (12 units) at mark +340 m. Buswire installation Canalis KTA – 25 3P+N 1000A, Canalis KTA-16 1600A,"Schneider Electric" from the mark +63,4 m. to the mark +340 m. Power cabling from the mark 0m to +367 m. Commissioning works.
2002 – till present Chepetsk machine factory (Glazov city). Hooking up of technical water supply engineering system and cooling station. Installation РУСН 6/0, 4 kW. Power and control cabling, wiring termination in power supply switchboards cases: galvanic, forging, assembled one. Exterior lightning installation. Commissioning works.
2002- till present FGUP Gromov Flight Research Institute (Zhukovsk city). Lighting facilities installation along the flight runway. Weak current cabling at the territory of flight test center. Installation and hook up of boiler equipment. Filling station center reconstruction. Power grid reconstruction for the commercial buildings. Main contractor works.
2000- till present Complex of buildings and territories of the Kremlin of Moscow Setting up of fire alarm and intrusion systems. Intrusion system installation along the perimeter of the territory of the Kremlin of Moscow. Electric power supply works for lighting and ventilation water utilities at the National Kremlin Palace food production facility
2005 – till present OJSC Moscow polymetal factory Plant territory upgrading (asphalt works, landscape modification). Civil engineering. Electrical fitting works (dismantlement of the transforming stations (TS) equipment – 10/0,4 kW., transforming station (TS) installation-10/0,4 kW with embedded equipment "«Schneider Electric»,"cabling 0,4 kW, 10kW, control switchgear room installation).Commissioning works for the power unit,equipment and network test.
2006 – till present OJSC"Electrozavod" Plant modernization: electrical works (dismantlement, power transformers installation, power and control cabling; dismantlement and installation of a test equipment). Commissioning works for the power unit, equipment and network test.
2011-to 2012 Eastward electricity mains HV-line reconstruction - 10 kW, HV-line reconstruction - 0,4 kW.
2012-to 2013 Southward electricity mains HV-line reconstruction - 10 kW, HV-line reconstruction - 0,4 kW.
2013-to 2014 Building up of a grade-crossing-elimination structure at the motor highway Moscow small circle across the Iksha, Noginsk, Bronnisty, Golitsino, Istra at the 31 km. Ryazan highway site up to Kashirskoye high way. HV-line reconstruction - 35 kW, HV-line reconstruction - 10 kW.


JSC «Promcentre»:

date of works completion Customer Class of works
2008 – till present JSC «Unimet» -Modular processing pump group (delivery to Nadym city);
- Modular pump station of the first gradient (for Novourengoy GKH, Urengoy city);
2008 «Promstroygroup» LLC - Noise absorbing main line modular circuit for gas transmission turbine (delivery to Bovanenkovo-Ukhta);
2009 OJSC «Dalelectromontazh» - Earthquake-resistant cable ducts (delivery to Yuzno-Sakhalin TPP-2);
2009 «Sollers Dalny Vostok- Hyundai» LLC -Block-modular building for РУ-7 Kw and PУ-35 kW (delivery for Vladivostok ;
2009 OJSC «Neftezavodmontazh» -Cable ducts (delivery to oil – refining plant Usinsk city)-Power line installation
2010 год OPSC «Novourengoy GHK» -Tanks and vessels set up to 100 м ³ (delivery Urengoy city);
2010 «AtomEnergoEngineering» LLC -Large-size assembly units concrete forms (for Skolkovo innovation hub, Moscow city) ;
- structural components (for Baltiysk NPP, Kaliningrad rerion);
2011 OJSC «Titan-2» - Reactor(for Leningrad NPP-2, Sosnovy bor city);
2012 «PO ELERON» LLC -Steel structures of a switching module (for OJSC «Lukoil», Naryan-Mar city;
2012 «SarovEnergoStroy» LLC -Earthquake-resistant cable ducts (delivery to Dzerzhinsk city);
2012 «SevZapElectroMontazh» LLC -Shackles, cleats, abutments ISD, ground strap points;



Date of works completion Site Class of works
2003-till present Kalinin NPP (units 1,2) Modernization and equipment repair:
- penetration supersedence;
- instrumentation control systems and automation (CMD&A) supersedence and pressure control pipeline site.
- ОРУ-350 circuit breaker supersedence;
2005-till present Rostov NPP (unit 2) -Power cabling installation and main line cabling and off-site objects
-Fire-fighting system installation
2004- till present. NPP "Bushehr"Iran -Installation and commissioning of an engineering electrical equipment for two NPP safety control systems;
-pressure control pipeline installation
-construction and delivery of a cable sensor units for instrumentation control systems and automation (CMD&A) , assembly contour and conduit elements
2006-till present Kalinin NPP (unit 4) Power cabling installation and cabling of a temporary power service and lighting
2006-till present LLC «Aqua Vision» Plant «Aqua Vision» "" Istra city -Installation and commissioning of an engineering electrical equipment;
-Power mains installation;
-Installation and commissioning of an engineering electrical equipment;
-Lighting installation, fire and security alarm system installation and communication system
2007-2008 Tsimlyansk HPP, Rostov region Hydroengineering node repair works
2006-2010 NPP"Kudankulam" India Cable steel structures and instrumentation control systems and automation (CMD&A) delivery
2011-till present NV NPP Novo-Voronezh city (Energy blocks 1 and 2) Manufacture, delivery and installation of a structural steel;
Manufacture, delivery and installation of cable metal constructions;
Manufacture, delivery and installation of stands of primary instrumentation transducers
2012-till present Suvorov,Cherepetskaya GRES Instrumentation and controls transducers installation while energy blocks 8, 9 building-up procedure.
2013-till present Beloyarskaya NPP Junction box manufacture and delivery
2013-till present Iraq, TPP Kharta (Energy blocks 2 and 3) Electrical-assembling works in relation of airhandling electrical power supply for permanent magnet generator (PMG).;
Installation of cable MK and cable routing.;
Ground bending installation, lightning and welding network;
Control cable arrangement as well as subcommutation of a main scheme.
2013-till present. Kalinin NPP (Energy blocks 1, 2) Electrical-assembling works in relation of service for life extension program (energy blocks 1 and 2).



Date of works completetion Site Class of works
2001-2011 Kalinin NPP (Energy blocks 2, 3) Main termal electric equipment installation and pipe-lines installation:
-reactor vessel;
-main circulation piping;
-I-st circuit equipment;
-industrial pipelines;
-technological steel construction.
2002-2003 NPP "Busher" Iran. First circuit equipment installtion: reactor, main circulating pulser,steam generator units, NPP accumulator and pressure compensator. Accomplished installation of a main circulation line.
2004-till present Rostov NPP (energy blocks 2, 3, 4). Energy block № 2: the major level of works accomplished in relation of repair and restoration operations,equipment inspections. Reactor pit installation(supporting truss),reactor facility equipment (hydro-tankage of safety injection system), works in relation of industrial pipelines installation (which includes system of emergency and splanned cooling down) and metal construcions installation. The following objects had been installed at the block № 3: reactor, main recirculating pumps,steam generators,hydro-tankage of safety injection system and pressure compensator. Ongoing procedure of manufacture and installation of containers at the block № 4, technical equipment and embedded reactor pit.
2005-2006 OJSC "«URSA Chudovo city"Novgorod region. Mass-type foundation arrangement for the cylindrical sand drier, cylindrical sand drier installation. Tube bundle repair of a heat-exchange unit for d water cooling.
2006 CJSC "«Atomtechenergo»" Metal surveillance for the piping details, authorized by the Russian Technical Supervisory Authority
2006 LLL «Research and production company Materossa-M» Moscow city Manufacture of a piping details for Steampower plant and NPP
2006 LLC"«Balbus»"Moscow city Manufacture of a piping details for Steampower plant and NPP
2006 "«Efremovsk» TPP,"Efremov city Manufacture of a piping details for Steampower plant and NPP
2006 LLC "«Trubi 2000»" Manufacture of a piping details for Steampower plant and NPPС
2006 CJSC"«AtomTruboprovodMontazh»," Moscow city Manufacture of a piping details for Steampower plant and NPP
2006-till presentCJSC «AtomTruboprovodMontazh», Moscow city, Rostov NPP unit 2 Equipment and pipe-line installation
2007-till present Metallurgical complex"«Severstal»,"Cherepovets city, main contractor, "«Spetstrest No.3»". Turbine repair at the TPP site.
2012-till present. Suvorov city, Cherepetskaya GRES,Tula region Installation works in relation of building-up of the energy blocks №№ 8 and 9 for the Cherepetskaya GRES:circulating water piping installation, gas conduit and waste-gas flue shaft.
2013-till present. Kalinin NPP(blocks 1, 2) Electrical-assembling works in relation of service for life extension program (energy blocks 1 and 2).
2013-till present Belorussia NPP (block 1) Containers manufacturing, installation of melted material isolation systems.