Strategy for success

The core of our business activity is rested on system method of performance, which keeps the construction process filled at all times, precisely designated execution sequence and interaction in the team, and guaranteed eventual outcome.It is the system method of performance strongly defines our work direction, from where our advantages and major principles come to life.

Operational work concepts (our philosophy):

Sustainable partnership - we are looking forward to the long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our partners.

The qualitative characteristics of a performance are guaranteed by:

  • long-term successful experience in construction of the energy blocks, among them, nuclear power plants, industrial and social objects;
  • licenses availability on admittance to highly specialized class of works.
professional expertise - only masters of their trade are being involved in assignments on our sites; we succeeded to enhance our personnel with specialists, nurtured by soviet era, who possess fundamental background knowledge in electrical energy industry, among them, invaluable experience, obtained during participation in construction of NPP and energy blocks of a large scales.

Constant development - we are oriented toward increase of production capacities and business intelligence, elaboration and implementation of the state-of-the-art technologies. Our mission objective is to become «par excellence», to be adequate to the requirements «at this time» and to meet customers’ high aspirations. The main aim is to comply with the demands of the ultimate consumer – the society.

Our advantages:

  • long-term successful engagement experience in power projects of a large scale in diverse regions of Russia, former Soviet Union and abroad;
  • Wide matrix of branches, in-house science and technical centers and manufacturing and storage facilities, which spread across the Russia territory.We have the opportunity to launch technical base and come out at the industrial site;
  • 3 000 high qualified personnel;
  • Availability of all the required licenses on admittance and permissions for construction of energy-blocks (carrying out of a certain specialized class of works).

Company news


On April 22nd the working visit has been accomplished between the director-general of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «RUSATOM» S.Kirienko, Governor of the Voronezh region A.Gordeev and director-general of a CJSC «Energoatomengineering» V.Kutumov at the Novovoronezh NPP-2 site. The purpose of visit was the site inspection and taking insight view into NPP’s building-up process.

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Completion the construction works at the Novovoronezh NPP’s first energy unit: ready-made reactor building and the highest cooling tower at the territory of Russia. The installation is about to start with CJSC «Energoatomengineering» Enterprise assistance.

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Overnight into 21 to 22 December, the First nuclear steam generator has been installed into technical assignment at the nuclear building of the Unit № 3 Rostov NPP with CJSC «Sezam», being an integral part of «Energoatomengineering» holding.

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