Company history

The rigorous team of professionals has been assembled in 2006 with the aim of unifying the professional personnel and formation of a competitive proposal in the construction and consulting engineering market. It is «Energoatomengineering» Holding, which is being managed by the company of the same name, which comprises four construction and installation contractors, such as: «MosSAEM»,JSC «Hydroelectromontage»,JSC «SEZAM»,JSC «Promcenter»..

All the companies, which belong to Holding, are widely recognized among professional community. All the Holding companies are duly licensed and possesses extremely knowledgeable work background at the electricity generation facilities since all-union existence. Recent years, the companies have been taking on a significant role in construction of Kalinin NPP, Volgodonsk NPP, Kaliningrad TPP-2 and many others.With its’ valuable assistance, the major part of construction-and-assembling operations had been applied. Throughout these works, numerous innovative decisions had been implemented out, as well as their system-related method pioneered in applying the assigned works. It is the one and only energy block, both soviet era and in recent state history, whose triumphant commissioning was marked with topping-out ceremony in 2005 with the personal participation of the President of the Russian Federation - Mr. V.V.Putin.

Presently, 5 energy engineering companies of a large-scale are the core components of a Holding structure. The total number of productive assets exceeds 20 sites, which spread on 12 regions of Russia as well as beyond the Russia territory – in Iran and PRC. The total number of a personnel of the Holding exceeds 3000 persons. However, these results shall be considered beyond the potential milestone. Dozens of construction and installation contractors have already announced their plans to join «Energoatomengineering» Holding. We proudly do confirm that the ongoing process of a unifying the consolidated, professional team is on its successful way.

Company news


On April 22nd the working visit has been accomplished between the director-general of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «RUSATOM» S.Kirienko, Governor of the Voronezh region A.Gordeev and director-general of a CJSC «Energoatomengineering» V.Kutumov at the Novovoronezh NPP-2 site. The purpose of visit was the site inspection and taking insight view into NPP’s building-up process.

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Completion the construction works at the Novovoronezh NPP’s first energy unit: ready-made reactor building and the highest cooling tower at the territory of Russia. The installation is about to start with CJSC «Energoatomengineering» Enterprise assistance.

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Overnight into 21 to 22 December, the First nuclear steam generator has been installed into technical assignment at the nuclear building of the Unit № 3 Rostov NPP with CJSC «Sezam», being an integral part of «Energoatomengineering» holding.

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